[time-nuts] AC Connector On HP 5061B

d.seiter at comcast.net d.seiter at comcast.net
Fri Oct 3 22:45:55 UTC 2008

The cable length issue was a pain for me because I built my GPS box in stages, leaving the dist amp for last.  In the end I found a nice used commercial unit, but it didn't fit in the planned location (the unit I was going to build would have had outputs near the center of the box), so I have 3 nicely routed cables going to the front panel, and the other 5 are ugly coils stuffed above and below the Z3801A for the rear panel.


> On the DA you will want to ensure all your output cables are of 
> identical length as this will ensure that all signals are in phase at 
> the timebase input(s). It's a small thing really a fraction of a 
> picosecond but it's there and easily compensated for. 

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