[time-nuts] GPIB Card

Brian Kirby kirbybq at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 5 04:40:00 UTC 2008

A friend has given me a GPIB card and neither of us know who made it.

First its a standard ISA card and it has a GPIB female plug on the rear. 
    No manufacturer or model number but there is a symbol of a tree on 
the rear (maybe paradise?) and beside is 6323706 rev A 667523.  Made in 
the USA and another number in a corner is 94V-0.

On the chip side of the board it appears to have a NEC controller marked 
big letters D7210C little letters 8308PB.  An assembly number of 6323705 
rev A.  Has another 20 other 74LSxx  glue logic ICs...Card is about 4.5 
inches by 4.25 inches.

Has 5 set of berg pins, one set is A13, A14, next set is 2FX and IE, 
next set is computer IRQs 2 thru 7, then a DRQ1-DAC1-DRQ3-DAC3, then 
last set of DAC2 and DRO2.

It had a 1.44 Mb floppy which suscessfully copied, three files; 
config.sys , DV488PC.sys, and LVDT.C

Config.sys shows:

LVDT.C is "C" code for
for a program written by  a NASA/MSFC employee for the calibration
of Linear Displacement trunsducers...

Does anybody in the list have an idea of who made the card ?  I'm 
researching to see if it is still usable....

Brian - KD4FM

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