Hank weyster at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 5 19:26:16 UTC 2008


Got it....Found the spec !  Thanks for the hint !


"The bytes in the data string can have any value. To prevent confusion with the frame

sequences <DLE> <ID> and <DLE> <ETX>, every <DLE> byte in the data string is

preceded by an extra <DLE> byte ('stuffing'). These extra <DLE> bytes must be added

('stuffed') before sending a packet and removed after receiving the packet."

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  Per your message : That would be the 'byte stuffing' inherent in TSIP packet structure.

  Packet 0X8F-AB is specified as being 17 bytes including the subcode ( 8F)
  Do you mean that you cant depend on that packet  always being 17 bytes ?
  I'm getting 18 bytes only when the time has 16 seconds in it. ( the second byte is duplicated )

  If you cant depend on having a constant number of bytes ( as defined in the spec ) , how do you then decode it ?


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