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> Hi Didier,
> a time (GPS) and date display would be excellent, the only 
> really useful enhancement might be a 60th second output, one 
> pulse per minute. That would enable quite a few useful timing 
> functions in conjunction with the PPS signal. Outputting the 
> formatted time data may start to get very specific to a 
> project, but the pulse per minute overcomes a major part of 
> the problem of identifying which pulse is which with the PPS 
> at little cost to the project.
> Neville Michie


That can be arranged. To make that pulse precisely synchronous with the 1PPS
pulse, a single D flip-flop will be required in addition to the circuit
published on the Tbolt Monitor page.

I may even use the GPS offset to make the pulse synchronous with UTC...

Unlike the PPS pulse (which is very narrow), the PPM pulse will be several
hundred milliseconds so that it could drive an LED directly and be visible.

Remind me of it when the board becomes available.

Didier KO4BB 

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