[time-nuts] Need Help - Datum 9390 GPS Time Code & Frequency Generator

Myers, Charlie Charlie.Myers at ps.net
Tue Oct 7 01:58:40 UTC 2008

I recently obtained a Datum model# 9390-52321 GPS Time Code & Frequency
Generator.  This unit has a Rubidium time base.

 I hooked the unit up to my Motorola GPS2000 GPS antenna (which is
mounted on the roof of my house) and powered the unit up, but I can't
seem to get the unit to see the satellites.  I keep getting the
following error message on the LCD display, "Signal Level Low" followed
by the status message, "GPS Time Not Acquired".

I checked the antenna and transmission line and they seem to be okay
because they operate my HP z3801A GPS time/frequency receiver just fine
and I get plenty of satellite signal level on the HP receiver.  I
checked the +5 volts on the antenna connector on the back of the Datum
unit and that measures correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas where to look or what other tests to perform
to isolate this problem?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide me.

Charlie Myers

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