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I have been wanting to try your EZGPIB to control and capture data from various instruments I run in my lab. My GPIB bus typically has 3-6 instruments connected and I currently use the NI GPIB-ENET/100 as a LAN bridge to any one of several windows based computers. Ocassionally, I also use the NI GPIB-USB-A connected to a single instrument. In either case, I use the NI drivers and NI-488.2 ver 2.1 on WinXP. My control applications to date have been limited to Agilent VEE Pro along with the Agilent IO library suite. Can you comment on any known problems or issues I might encounter using EZGPIB with the above hardware or VISA API configuration/s. The instruments I may have on the bus are:
HP 53181A
HP 5372A
HP 3457A
HP 8903B
Keithley 2002


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new versions of PLOTTER and EZGPIB are available. Some bugs concerning
the search for Prologix serial & network controllers have been removed
and the possibility has been included to log the messages from the debug
window into a file.

PLOTTER now can compute the mean and the SD of a series only on the part
of the series that is displayed, i.e. you can zoom in to parts of the
series and compute mean & SD for the displayed part only.


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