[time-nuts] Lassen IQ receiver

Mike Monett XDE-L2G3 at myamail.com
Mon Oct 13 03:27:29 UTC 2008

  "Morris Odell" <vilgotch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

  >  Hi Mike,

  > The Lassen  IQ is a little PCB mounted 12  channel  receiver about
  > half the  size  of   a   matchbox,   which   is  intended  for OEM
  > applications. It's not easy to open to see what's inside.  It uses
  > tiny surface  mount  connectors  to get  signals  in  and  out but
  > there's no access to the oscillator if you want to use an external
  > osc. It doesn't have a built in antenna so the performance depends
  > on the  external  antenna  connected to  it.  It  seems  to handle
  > constellation changes  quite  well  as   far  as  I  can  see. The
  > application info  says  it can be used for navigation  as  well as
  > timekeeping.

  Thanks - that is good info.

  > It has  2 serial ports as well as a 1 pps output. One  serial port
  > is used  to  control  and  read  it  using  Trimble's  TSIP binary
  > protocol.

  > There is  free DOS and Windows software available from  Trimble to
  > do this.  The  other port can be configured to use  TSIP,  NMEA or
  > Trimble's own ASCII protocol called TAIP.

  Very very good info. Thanks.

  > I paid  AU$70 about 2 years ago, which at the time  was equivalent
  > to about US$60. You could probably do better these days.  I bought
  > a bunch  of old 6 channel VP Oncore receivers about a year  ago on
  > ebay for  AU12  each. They are ideal  for  timing  aplications and
  > clocks.

  I couldn't seem to find any VP, so I got two UP+. Are they usable?

  >  HTH,

  >  Morris

  Thanks for your help.

  Best Regards,

  Mike Monett

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