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Mon Oct 20 03:41:12 UTC 2008

Hi Rex,
I've been to Shanghai many times. Usual mode of transportation is bike,  
subway, bus or if you can afford it car. Lot's of electric bikes and motorcycles  
too of course.

Since foreigners are usually not allowed to drive you will see loads of  
taxis too.
Wonderful city to visit. Like Paris in the 1920's. So much energy, and  
nightlife that no sailor would pass on. Standard of living beyond your wildest  
dreams if you have a couple of 1000's of US Dollars per month. Very open and  
friendly to westerners. Lot's of super-rich folks too.
In a message dated 10/19/2008 19:51:48 Pacific Daylight Time,  rexa at sonic.net 

The  maglev track does run very close, but seems it only has two stops, 
the  near one over 2 miles away, the far end at the airport to the 
southeast.  The closest metro stop seems to be at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park 
which is a  little over a mile away. Right next to the office park 
hosting the GPS,  there is a canal, but I doubt this would be an 
efficient commuter route.  The nearest big road is Luoshan Rd which may 
have a bus line, and I assume  there is probably some kind of commuter 
connection from the Zhangjiang  station.

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