[time-nuts] Oncore, Trimble Antennae

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 13:32:04 UTC 2008

2008/10/23 Chuck Harris <cfharris at erols.com>:
> Matthew Smith wrote:
>> Quoth Chuck Harris at 2008-10-22 15:01...
>>>> I'd be interested to know if any antennas are in fact the other
>>>> way around. Never even considered that.
>>> It would have been fairly trivial for them to put a bridge rectifier
>>> before the amplifier's power stuff, allowing for either polarity.
>>> I always try to do that kind of thing (when I can) in my designs...
>>> I wonder if they did?
>> What, and use an extra component?  The accountants would never allow it!
> That's really kind of funny, in 29 years as an engineer, I have never
> had an accountant talk to me about design decisions.  I tell them what
> it will cost, and they say ok.

So you never worked for Microsoft on the Xbox then :)

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