[time-nuts] Question on crystal jumps

Ian Sheffield ian.sheffield1 at tesco.net
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You probably know that the combined effects of the Moon and Sun changes the 
rate of a pendulum clock by up to 1 part in 10 to the 7th, but that is a 
smooth sine rather than a jump. That shouldn't affect quartz either.

I agree with other posters - you are probably seeing the quantization of 
space/time ;-)


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>> This is a very interesting thread.  When I retired from Western
>> Kentucky  University in 2001 I was given a very expensive mantel
>> clock.  Seven day  wind up with a balance wheel.  I have had a lot of
>> fun regulating it over  the last 7 years.  Right now I have it holding
>> within 5 seconds a month but  past experience has shown that it won't
>> hold indefinitely.  Since the  balance wheel is also an oscillator I
>> assume it will undergo these frequency  jumps.
> How small a jump could you notice?
> Unless you have it in a temperature controlled box, I'd expect any tiny 
> jumps
> would be lost in the temperature wobbles.
> Can you see temperature wobbles?  Can you see any correlations with the 
> phase
> of the moon?  (gravity, tides)
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