[time-nuts] Measuring ADEV with a PM6681 or CNT-81

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I am retired from Pendulum Instruments and could answer your question but I
have instead refered your question to a current engineer with the company
and you should receive an answer from them shortly. They are the experts for
this question.

Tom Duckworth

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Hi all,

I hope you can clear up some confusion that I have regarding ADEV
measurement. I was under the impression that you need a counter that is able
to timestamp each rising edge of the clock under test, or equivalently
measure period time continuously with no dead time. Now, while the CNT-90
can do this, the CNT-81 ( = PM6681 ) can't. Still, a message last December
to the list here
(http://www.mail-archive.com/time-nuts@febo.com/msg10963.html) seems to
indicate that using TimeView you can have ADEV plotted with the "lesser"
model, too. I have a PM6681 and TimeView, but I couldn't find out how to do
it. Maybe it can't be done.

So what's the deal on this? Can it be done, with or without TimeView, and if
yes, how? If this has been answered earlier, a link would be just fine.

Thanks and cheers

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