[time-nuts] Measuring ADEV with a PM6681 or CNT-81

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When you have your question about ADEV & the PM6681 answered, would
be so kind as to share the answer with us?

Pete Rawson

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>I am retired from Pendulum Instruments and could answer your question but I
>have instead refered your question to a current engineer with the company
>and you should receive an answer from them shortly. They are the experts for
>this question.
>Tom Duckworth
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>Hi all,
>I hope you can clear up some confusion that I have regarding ADEV
>measurement. I was under the impression that you need a counter that is able
>to timestamp each rising edge of the clock under test, or equivalently
>measure period time continuously with no dead time. Now, while the CNT-90
>can do this, the CNT-81 ( = PM6681 ) can't. Still, a message last December
>to the list here
>(http://www.mail-archive.com/time-nuts@febo.com/msg10963.html) seems to
>indicate that using TimeView you can have ADEV plotted with the "lesser"
>model, too. I have a PM6681 and TimeView, but I couldn't find out how to do
>it. Maybe it can't be done.
>So what's the deal on this? Can it be done, with or without TimeView, and if
>yes, how? If this has been answered earlier, a link would be just fine.
>Thanks and cheers
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