[time-nuts] Question on crystal jumps

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Fri Oct 24 20:25:55 UTC 2008

Thanks, Said.

What seldom happens to my tuning forks is similar to your 
brown line, of course.
Do you have date and time of this beatiful jump?
Have you observed, by chance, a negative (restoring) jump at any time after this jump?
(the sense of the latter question is that, if you observed a 
restoring jump one would think of metastability (whatever the
triggering cause), if you didn't happen then both of the 
possibilities remain open, that is metastability and 
permanent modifications in the crystal as pointed out by 

Antonio I8IOV

> Hi Antonio,
> the X axis is in 6 second steps. This jump happened after days of perfect  
> lock. Happened out of the blue, random (Poisson as someone had said? :)  
> distribution.
> From what I can see from the very interesting email thread, other users  have 
> seen their GPSDO's, Pendulums, etc jump after long times like this,  
> sometimes after weeks of perfect operation.
> bye,
> Said
> In a message dated 10/24/2008 06:29:34 Pacific Daylight Time,  iovane@
> inwind.it writes:
> > See  the following plot, blue is phase offset to UTC, brown is EFC   
> voltage.
> Said,
> please, what is on the X axis? When did this jump  occur?
> Thanks,
> Antonio  I8IOV

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