[time-nuts] TRAK / Magnavox GPS

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
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The Magnavox board is separate with a trak interface/power regulator board mounted on top it is on the front right side between the power supply and front panel behind the keypad. Note the select key top is missing but still works. I have dissembled the lcd module and wiped the PCB board to LCD panel connections which restored some of the panel but not enough to be useful. Going on a hunch I've ordered a HP laser jet III panel which has a similar display with the same manufacturer part number.


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My last mail crashed, it may be there and posted. Simplify, Does the Trak unit have a integrated or seperate Magnavox board? The front panel damage looks minor but may be worse than you think. TRAK stuff is cool but troublesome. I may have some parts.
Cheers, Bill

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