[time-nuts] Time-zones and World time..

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 11:53:45 UTC 2008


I've been under the radar for a while so have not been able to keep up
with the threads I was contributing to but that has been done to death
and I will drop them. I've been very interested in reading peoplels
thoughts on time-zones. Has there been any moves to adopt a common
time for all countries in the world so as to alleviate the
difficulties in dealing with time-zones?" I know there was the idea of
Internet-time going around some time ago but I think that seems to
have died a death. Thinking about it, what's the problem of adapting
to daily life which is shifted by some number of hours off the clock.
If we all used UTC everyone around the world would know when a certain
time was in their own day. In my case for New Zealand, +12 hours would
probably be adopted for the country, so AM becomes PM and I'd get up
at 7PM (still that's not much different from now :) instead of AM.

I guess the question is, what's the likely-hood of a world standard
time being adopted (sort of like Star Trek)?

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