[time-nuts] What's the time Mr Wolf...

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 13:09:00 UTC 2008

My apologies to the list, it was unthoughtful of me. This was not my
intent, what I really meant was it's not always easy to formulate a
phrase to trigger the answer required out of Google and which sources
should I go to or believe. Really this was more meant to be a
compliment to the contributors of this list.

Steve - ZL3TUV

2008/10/31 J.D. Bakker <jdb at lartmaker.nl>:
> At 01:46 +1300 31-10-2008, Steve Rooke wrote:
>>                               I could Google for this but I'll get a
>>quicker answer here
> To me that reads as "My time is more valuable than yours".
> Not to pick on you in particular, but I see this attitude a lot
> lately in fora, support groups and mailing lists. From your list it
> does look like most questions could indeed be answered by a few
> minutes of Googling, though.
> JDB.
> [apologies if you feel I snipped too much context, but this phrase in
> particular hit a nerve]
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