[time-nuts] labview, gpib, gps , logging data and lost data points!!

Norman J McSweyn normn3ykf at stny.rr.com
Thu Oct 30 14:58:15 UTC 2008

I'll give ezgpib a try! Unfortunately it won't be until Feb. My vacation 
is coming to an end. Have about 15 or 20 more hours budgeted to play 
with my toys.

Have fixed the dropped data points, however. Used a timed sequence 
structure inside a for loop. The sequence structure has two frames. The 
first is the gpib routine. When that completes, Moto gps routine runs. 
Does it all in less than a second!!! How's that for precise timing? :-)

The way the gps routine is set up, I'm polling the board, rather than 
setting it up to output every second. The m12+t user's guide says the 
buffer on the gps board is read every second. How is that true if I poll 
the board and get a response in 200ms?

I'm presently polling the @@Hn. Think I'll add @@Gb and parse that. 
It'll give me the time stamp from the moto board. That along with the 
time stamp from the pc ought to get me more troubleshooting data at least.

BTW: I'm flushing the serial buffer prior to reading it, so the data is 
in response to my query, rather than being data that is in response to 
the previous poll.

tnx es 73 de Norm n3ykf

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