[time-nuts] Time-zones and World time..

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Oct 30 19:08:55 UTC 2008

As I recall, Local Solar Time is also known as Apparent Solar Time, and
is defined as when the sun reaches its highest point over some local
meridian of interest (town hall?).

That point in time is called 00:00:00... Which sort of makes sense because
you can directly observe high-noon, but midnight can only be estimated.

-Chuck Harris

David C. Partridge wrote:
> Local Solar Time noon would still be 12:00:00.
> If I remember correctly, the one that has noon as 00:00:00 is Astronomical
> time (e.g. GMAT).
> Cheers
> Dave
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> Local Solar Time is the LST I was thinking of... only, I guess 00:00:00 is
> high noon in LST.... Maybe Local Sundial Time?
> -Chuck Harris

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