[time-nuts] Cabling GPS antennas

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 11:18:30 UTC 2009

BTW, has anyone got a spare mount for this antenna they would be
prepared to sell me?

2009/4/7 Steve Rooke <sar10538 at gmail.com>:
> I'm installing a Lucent KS-24019L112A connected to a Z3805A with the
> two located about 15m apart from each other. Both items connect via a
> 50Ohm N connector so I'm cabling for that impedance. Ideally I'd like
> to buy RG213 or LMR-400 but that is rare'ish down here in NZ and the
> price reflects that. I won't consider RG58 as there will be hardly
> anything coming out of the end of the cable with the loss it has at
> these frequencies. I was thinking outside the square and see that
> dual/quad screened RG6 is cheap and plentiful now but of course it's
> 75Ohm and there would be a big fat impedance mismatch using this. I
> thought about looking at fitting impedance matching baluns at each end
> but that is not cheap and there are losses involved with this approach
> anyway.
> Is it just down to bighting the bullet or has anyone had a way round this?
> 73,
> Steve
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Steve Rooke - ZL3TUV & G8KVD & JAKDTTNW
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