[time-nuts] looking at creative ways to route GPS signals through a home to a Thunderbolt

Scott Burris slburris at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 15:28:03 UTC 2009

I have a Thunderbolt (thanks TAPR!) located in a second floor room of my 
house which
has only an obstructed view of the sky.  There's no easy way to get to 
that room, short
of putting an antenna on the roof and punching a hole in the wall to get 
inside.  For some reason,
my wife takes a dim view of that plan.

Plan B would be to mount the antenna near an attic vent, run the cabling 
inside, go through the
attic and drill down into one of the inner walls to terminate in an 
outlet box of some sort.

So the dedicated time-nuts may laugh at plan C.  This is to mount an 
antenna on roof near the garage
and connect to the RG6 CATV run from the garage to this room.  I'd guess 
it's about 60-70ft of RG6.
Can RG6 pass the 1.5Ghz signal successfully?  Is the Thunderbolt 
sensitive enough to be used this way?
Has anyone tried this?


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