[time-nuts] femtosecond jitter anyone?

J.D. Bakker jdb at lartmaker.nl
Thu Apr 9 11:17:49 UTC 2009

At 20:59 -0700 08-04-2009, Tom Van Baak wrote:
>  > The incoming clock source (master house clock) to this box / design 
>>  of interest is in another rack mount box external to this design on 
>>  the other side of the room and is anywhere from 44.1kHz up to a 10MHz 
>>  Rubidium (see also http://www.antelopeaudio.com).  This clock source 
>>  on the other side of the room also drives other equipment to be in 
>>  synch for any framing on AES/EBU digital.
>Can you comment more on the antelopeaudio box?


>Now if an audio company used surplus Sulzer, or FTS 1200, or
>Oscilloquartz BVA oscillators in their design, or even H-masers,
>well, that would make sense. But Rb? Something doesn't feel right
>about this.

The words 'snake oil' have been used in the audio community, for 
pretty much all the reasons you've mentioned. For everything but 
esoteric stuff like distributed phased microphone/speaker arrays the 
drift specs of a simple TCXO are sufficient.

LART. 250 MIPS under one Watt. Free hardware design files.

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