[time-nuts] OT: 10 MHz data capture, help

Chris Mack / N1SKY sometimesyoufeellikeanut at twentylogten.com
Fri Apr 10 21:34:12 UTC 2009

I am on the road right now, so I am not in front of it, but I have  
the HandyScope HS3 100MHz USB which can run a strip chart recorder  
for days / years if you like; depending on hard drive space.  The  
strip chart may be only available at lower speeds? I dunno...  I  
can't remember.... but the Handyscope supports both block transfer  
and streaming transfer over USB last I knew for certain speeds...

They also have exposed functions available in the DLLs that can  
probably be accessed via standard ActiveX / COM methodologies from  
any language include VB, C# / C++, PERL (win32 OLE) etc.


Maybe you have seen this one already... I dunno if it could work for  
you? maybe?


On Apr 10, 2009, at 5:15 PM, Magnus Danielson wrote:

> Tom Van Baak skrev:
>> I have a old data device that is spitting out TTL data at 10 MHz.
>> There's just a data line (no clock) but the edges clearly indicate
>> an internal 10 MHz clock.
>> I'd like to do a continuous capture of the bits, for up to tens of
>> minutes, into a PC. That comes to about 1 GB of raw data. I can
>> handle the decoding of the bits in software after the capture is
>> done. This is a one-time experiment.
>> What is the best/quickest/easiest way to capture data like this?
>> I've looked at various USB or LAN logic analyzer and 'scopes
>> but most seem to work on batches of data. I need a continuous
>> capture.
> Have a look at the GNSS sampler for instance. It can handle the data
> rate fairly easilly. A GNSS sampler would be easy to modify for this
> application. Using a standard 8 bit serdes clocking in at 10 MHz and
> outputing data in the rate of 1,25 MB would make it efficient. It's a
> standard USB chip in there and it handles continous streams fairly
> easilly. It's the same as in the software defined radio stuff, which
> would be another option. Regardless it would be able to handle your
> datastream without too much trouble.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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