[time-nuts] Spring cleaning and antenna placement

brooke at pacific.net brooke at pacific.net
Mon Apr 13 15:22:38 UTC 2009

Hi Magnus:

Why not just put the GPS antenna at the top of the existing TV mast?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

> Fellow timenuts,
> You know you are a time-nut when your spring cleanup dutines involves
> getting onto the rooftop and clean your GPS antennas. In my case my dual
> frequency antenna (really a survey antenna, a Novatel GPS 502 L1/L2) was
> due to lack of patience temporarily put up there in a not so fixed
> position, so that the wind shifter position and attitude as it slided
> down the tiles that it was effectively useless, especially as it was
> pointing mostly north into the big GPS hole and putting the antennas
> nuling power towards most of the low-attitude sats. Let's just say that
> I'm not too proud of that mounting... I know better, I know far
> better... but I am impatient to play with the news toys, so I hope
> people recognice the feeling.
> My biggest problem is that I have a large TV antenna pole sitting ontop
> of one of the chimneys. It is needed as the house is partly down a valey
> to get a nice and clean TV signal. Fairly new also, as the old antennas
> was broken.
> I have got part of the gear to mount the GPS antennas on the other
> chimney, but lack the proper antenna tubes.
> My big L1 choke rings (AT575) can be mounted without the central tube
> but I wish to use the combination of that and the three outer mounting
> screws. I need to build a mounting platform for it anyway.
> Besides, I think the way I pull cables and what cables I use could
> improve. My RG 58 is certainly not optimum, but it is cheap, easily
> available alongside connectors and suitable strip and crimp tools.
> So... hints for tubes and other mounting aspects would be nice.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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