[time-nuts] Spring cleaning and antenna placement

brooke at pacific.net brooke at pacific.net
Mon Apr 13 16:25:03 UTC 2009

Hi Magnus:

Safety is the # 1 concern.  It may be that if you can minimize the
multipath problems having the GPS antenna near the roof is not a problem?

I'm starting to do some antenna related tests using the Polaris Guide
(DAGR) GPS receiver, see:
and scroll down for some zero base line tests of how well it does carrier
phase distance and angle measurements (aka Gun Laying, Azimuth
Determination, North Finding, Relative Survey Mode).

Another test I'd like to do is measure multipath, but so far have not come
up with a direct way to do it other that infer based on how poor/good some
test result is.  For example are the variations in the above tests due to

Have Fun,


> brooke at pacific.net skrev:
>> Hi Magnus:
>> Why not just put the GPS antenna at the top of the existing TV mast?
>> http://www.prc68.com/I/Ant.shtml#SBant
> It would be a little bit of a challenge... I think I have some 4-5 meter
> of additional heigth, the tiling is slippery and then antenna rig is
> kind of heavy, so it is not one of those things you do alone. At least I
> don't do it alone... I'm not a well trained radio amateur and the
> rooftop is not very well suited for elaborate exercises...
> I sure would like to have things like safety-line when working up there.
> I don't feel that safe up there.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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