[time-nuts] Spring cleaning and antenna placement

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Wed Apr 15 05:31:30 UTC 2009

bg at lysator.liu.se skrev:
>> If you are in Scandinavia, the GPS birds will not spend much time (if
>> any?) to the north of you. Slide 12 of
>> http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ecalais/teaching/geodesy/Satellite_orbits.pdf
>> suggests that the most northerly orbital point is at the latitude of
>> Denmark.
> With a decent antenna siting you see plenty of SVs to the north. Magnus
> problem is that there are lots of rather close by trees and stuff. These
> trees are also much taller than the antenna position.

Indeed. The southbound sats goes almost over the head, but I also get 
long tracking periods for sats way up to the north.

Since the house sits partly in a valey and the neighborhood is rich of 
trees there is plenty of foilage. To the north is a building, two 
stories high and ground level for it is just above the upper of mine, 
which pick up the extreme north direction.

The location also requires an antenna mast forr the TV reception. With 
modern digital transmission it is best to have a good margin for 
reception, or there is no TV at all.

If I had a flat roof I might just put a ladder up to the antenna, but 
unfortunately not so.

Sky-view of GPS antennas was not of concern when picking this house. 
Maybe it should be for the next.


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