[time-nuts] Chart recorder consumables (was HP 117 paper )

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 30 17:57:36 UTC 2009

I've thought about buying one of the phase comparators that have a chart 
recorder, but I've been concerned about the availability of consumables 
(i.e. paper and ink / pens ).  Are these things generally available?  
Only some models?

I see that the HP 117a uses pressure-sensitive paper.  How well does it 
age?  Would an old roll still be usable even if you found one?  Would 
old traces fade away?

In a previous life I used Gould / Brush 220 chart recorders that used 
very smooth coated paper and liquid blue ink that was always making a 
mess.  I wouldn't want to get into that again!


Pete Lancashire wrote:
> Does anyone know if the chart paper is still available ?
> This fall/winter I want to play with the 117 I found, that
> is after getting an antenna ... not for serious use but
> would be nice to have at least one roll.
> -pete
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