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Mon Apr 27 04:27:16 UTC 2009

hour plot.  /y /y does a 12 hour plot.  /y=3D# does same as the 'v' keyboar=
d command (sets display to # hours).

If you see something interesting in  the plot=2C  you can click on that poi=
nt and the plot will enter scroll mode and either zoom in or out on that po=
int.  To resume normal operation click on the plot to get your desired zoom=
 factor (either zoomed in or out) then press the DEL key to exit scroll mod=

The program implements the zoom and view features by just skipping over ent=
ries in the data queue as it draws the plot.  It does not attempt to analyz=
e or process the skipped over points.=20

Insert movie times and more without leaving Hotmail=AE.

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