[time-nuts] Lady Heather's Window

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Feb 2 01:40:03 UTC 2009

> I think a more flexible fashion of setting size would be a good thing.
> The preferred fasion is always being able to do standard resize by
> dragging the edge, but saying x*y size at command line kind of works.

Yep, the code could support arbitrary x*y sizes, but he has several groups
of related parameters that are tied to the discrete size options -- and
also, I can only go into fullscreen mode in standard VGA/EVGA resolutions.
So I probably won't put a lot of work into that.  Left as an exercise to the
reader, as it were.  If I hack Mark's code too extensively, it'll be hard to
catch back up when he posts new updates.

> Avoiding the shrinking should be the main thing to do then, in this case
> it hurts more than it helps.

Yes, that's true in all cases, really.  It just confuses people.  When I
first wrote this code, there were some severe performance penalties
associated with odd scale factors on many systems, so halving the window
size in the event where the desktop area wasn't big enough to accommodate
its client area seemed like a good idea.

I also didn't want users running with a downsampled window without intending
to, since that's like running an LCD at a resolution other than its native
one, only worse.  The half-size window is a pretty good clue that things are
configured suboptimally.

I'll probably just "fix" the problem with a readme file, since there aren't
any easy hacks that work well in all cases where the desktop resolution is
too small for the window.  Forcing fullscreen mode in those cases would also
be an option.

> Oh... The oscillator ADEV positions at 2000 s and 5000 s is displaced
> over the 500s and 1000s respectively, 2 digits too much to the left and
> halfway up on the mentioned values, seems like 16 left and 16 up if the
> font is 8 x 8 as you say.

Not sure I follow you there; is this happening in a specific resolution?
The table seems to look OK in the default res (attached) - is this similar
to what you're seeing?

-- john, KE5FX
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