[time-nuts] Initial release of Lady Heather for Windows (John Miles)

christopher hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Wed Feb 11 18:14:16 UTC 2009

"John Miles" <jmiles at pop.net> wrote:
> This is my "version 1.0" release:
> http://www.ke5fx.com/heather/readme.htm
> The app is a decent graphical replacement for tboltmon.exe at this
> point, IMHO.  If you currently run tboltmon on your Thunderbolt,
> give this release a try.

Is it known to run on Vista?   How 'bout Vista x64?

I'm trying on Vista x64 with a GPSTM (related but not actually thunderbolt),
I get:

	Serial receive error, code 0x2.

Serial port is fine, connected, no other processes attached, etc.

Can I send you any more debugging info?

I'll have to dig out one of my Thunderbolts to see if the GPSTM itself is
the problem.


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