[time-nuts] Initial release of Lady Heather for Windows

Doug Hutton Doug2 at suddenlink.net
Thu Feb 12 18:42:10 UTC 2009

John -

As I poked around, with Heather and Windows 7, things got a little more 

If TBolt is connected to real serial port 1, TBoltMon and Heather can
be run either as Admin or Guest (Standard user), starting from a
desktop icon or the Start Key list..

However, the Run box from the Start Key is not available to a Standard user,
so I couldn't figure out any way to use the command-line switches to change 
the Serial Port
to anything other than 1 if you are not logged on as Admin.

As Admin, I can run TBoltMon just fine on a U232-P9 USB Serial Port adapter,
but using this Run command line -        C:\Program 
Files\heather\heather.exe /4
Heather gets

            Serial receive error, code 0x2

                                 with the exact same connection.  Heather 
formats the window,
pauses a couple of seconds, then gets the error.

It looks like Dick Moore and I are seeing similar stuff.

Doug Hutton, W5JUV

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Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Initial release of Lady Heather for Windows

> So if you have a real serial port you don't need to run as admin, but if 
> you
> have a USB adapter you do, correct?

>> Your display is beautiful - you did good.
> Thanks!  The display's all Mark's doing.
> -- john
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