[time-nuts] Lady Heather question serial error

ESeacord eseacord at cloud9.net
Fri Feb 20 04:48:47 UTC 2009

Hi all
After finally getting the right serial cable, only uses tx-rx and ground.
Everytime I start Lady Heather, I get the error message "serial receive
error, code 0x2"
The only other process running is outlook.
The tbolt monitor program dspmon and tboltmon both appear to work properly.
My system is 2.6ghz intel quad core with 4 gig of mem and plenty of hard
drive space.
Any ideas anyone??
Thanks much

Rix Seacord
22 Austin Rd
Mahopac, NY 10541
WA2TGF (Extra)
Home 845-628-0892
Cell     914-262-9186

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Yes,  it would be nice to be able to load the log file and resume from that
position,  but what about the gap between when you stopped logging and
restarted?   That would destroy the integrity of the OADEV/ADEV numbers.
You could just ignore the gap in the graphs,  but the OADEV numbers would be
utterly meaningless.

The log file is opened in APPEND mode where the new data is appended to the
log each time the log is started (assuming you did not delete the log before
starting the program).  It should be fairly easy to import the log into a
spreadsheet to produce graphs over multiple runs.  Note hat each hour in the
log is flagged with a few lines of header beginning with a '#'.  Same for
comments that flag potentially important state changes.

ESC is used to exit the program.  If you happen to be scrolling back the
plot data ESC (or just about any function key,  I use DEL) will end that
mode.  The next ESC will exit the program.  If you did not intend to exit
the program,  consult your Dictionary of Russian Sailor Curse Words and

Note that on some systems,  the DOS version of the program may occasionally
appear to lock up when you press a key.  You can usually recover by pressing
any key 16-20 times until the keyboard buffer overflows.  You should hear a
beep from the system BIOS.  The next keystroke or two should unlock the
program.  If it does not,  consult your Dictionary of Drunken Russian Sailor
Curse Words and Phrases...  mine is rather worn out in that area...  I
recomend a key that is rather meaningless to the program (like SPACE).

Any suggestions for additions/improvements to the program are greatly


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