[time-nuts] Weird Lady Heather behavior observed...??

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Feb 21 16:28:22 UTC 2009

> HOWEVER-- if I close the LH display and open it back
> up shortly thereafter, all my T-bolt running parameters
> start fluctuating wildly and going off-scale.  Even the
> yellow temp line goes off scale and PPS OADEV and OSC OADEV
> both drop back to a high e-12.

At what tau values, though?  The idea behind ADEV is that it goes lower the
longer you run.  When you first launch the program, you only have a
short-term history to observe.

> It takes about 90 minutes for everything to settle back down,
> after which everything runs tightly for many hours until
> the next time I minimize or close and re-open the LH display.

The graph-recentering behavior can be extremely confusing because it gives
the appearance of jumps that aren't really happening.  Try running with /m=4
to compress the graph height 4x and see if you still observe unexpected
initial behavior.  I haven't seen anything happening myself that I couldn't
eventually put down to recentering.

-- john, KE5FX

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