[time-nuts] T-Bolt Group Buy...

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Mon Feb 23 17:23:15 UTC 2009

I would like one as well.

BTW, I drove an ordinary "quartz" wall clock with the 1 pps output of a
Motorola gps time unit as follows:
use a low pwr ttl Dtype f/f. Clock to 1 pps, data to +5v. Put 180 ohm or
so (as I remember) in series with the q and -q outputs. Carefully find the
clock pulse output, remove the coil connections, and hook 1 of the 180 ohm
r's to each end of the coil. This gives one reversal per second which
drives the second hand. If it amuses you, the clock will drive perfectly
well backwards...
It's been a while, so I don't remember any more details, so have fun with it.

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