[time-nuts] Problems with TrueTime XL-AK

Dan Veeneman danv at olphschool.org
Tue Jun 2 01:31:39 UTC 2009


I have a TrueTime XL-AK, model 600-101-036, that appears to have a similar
problem to what Tom Van Baak reported with his unit last summer.

I set up the unit with the TrueTime antenna and let the unit sit for 24
hours in AUTO mode.  It correctly identified my location and switched to
TIME mode, however the reported time is not correct (currently showing
January 2029).  Function 73 is reporting that the GPS is Unlocked and the
status LED is red.  The unit will keep time if I set it manually, although
it still never locks to GPS time.

The unit reports "sys ver 29" when starting up, with "V1.046".

The unit's serial port output also does not appear to follow the description
in the manual (emulation mode is off).

Any clues on what I can do to correct the timekeeping and the serial port

Perhaps related, is there a firmware upgrade that can be performed?



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