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Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 14 02:11:38 UTC 2009

For a commerical unit : http://www.febo.com/pages/hardware/PTS/

For a clock : http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu/MICRO/CLOCK/index.htm (just the first one I came to many more if you google)

I have purchased some Time code generators abt $25 to $50 usd including shipping on ebay that will take a external 10 Mhz look here : 



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Subject: [time-nuts] Hi!

Hi my name is David and I have a rubidium standard. It's a Efratom 100334-006 
and outputs 10mhz. What can I do with it?

As I understand it I need to provide it a reference to set it's frequency. I 
was thinking it'd be cool to build a counter that counts the waves and is 
thereby a clock. A master clock would be cool. Also a tunable highly accurate 
frequency generator would be useful to me. Are there designs out there to 
build homebrew equipment based on this, or should I just chase up something 
commercial? Thanks,


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