[time-nuts] Thunderbolts, time references, NTP etc.

Nic McLean mcleann at bigpond.com
Tue Jun 16 03:23:22 UTC 2009

Have a look at 300290607038.

It's "fluke.l" not "flukel" who I've dealt with quite recently, and many 
other more venerable folks on this list have commented on as well.
> Is this good value, and a trusted seller?
> I went looking for "Fluke1" as listed earlier on here for these devices
> (Thunderbolt GPS disciplined referenced sources) but though I
> (eventually) found the user, no activity was shown for some time.  So, I
> went looking for the product instead, and found (among other things)
> this item 170344432395 (you know where to look.)
> ...
> Dave B.
> G0WBX.

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