[time-nuts] GPSDO 10 MHz Distribution Amp

dave powis g4hup at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 21 16:34:09 UTC 2009

Hi Paul,

Sounds a reasonable approach to me where an equal 2 way split is needed, and you already have adequate signal level available.  May not be up to 'time-nuts' precision etc, but it is a practical method that will give what you need.  If you ever need to remove one Rig, just remember to terminate the unused split output in 50R!

However, when you get yourself an analyser, sig gen or counter that takes the 10MHz reference, then you will need a DA!  Comeback to me (http://g4hup.com) or TAPR then!



From: Paul Christensen <w9ac at arrl.net>
To: Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement <time-nuts at febo.com>
Sent: Sunday, 21 June, 2009 5:18:51 PM
Subject: [time-nuts] GPSDO 10 MHz Distribution Amp

In the next couple weeks, I plan on distributing the output of my GPSDO to a pair of Icom transceivers.  I've thought about using a DA like the TAPR TADD-1, but it seems that I can simply split the output of the +13 dBm GPSDO with a Z=50, 3dB equal power divider, that will yield an output of ~ +9.5 dBm to each transceiver.

I can't foresee any port isolation issues that would make necessitate the use of the DA for this application and the 3 dB "hit" in level to each transceiver still seems reasonable for proper transceiver operation.  Am I not considering something important?  Also, I do not want to add any noise with such a distribution that would in any way destroy the excellent phase noise characteristics of my GPSDO.  Thoughts?

Paul, W9AC 

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