[time-nuts] GPS antenna installation problem

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Gaffa tape the cable to the supporting pipe with a small drip loop
into the connector.

2009/3/2 Richard W. Solomon <w1ksz at earthlink.net>:
> One reason why I prefer crimp-on connectors.
> 73, Dick, W1KSZ
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>>a couple of suggestions:
>>1. Use a captive center pin on the N male connector.
>>for example, Kings Electronics Inc. N male, model # KN-59-176 for RG-214
>>coaxial cable,
>>center pin is solder type and captive, will not move axially. Wrench
>>clamp on the shield.
>>Kings cage = 91836
>>mil spec:  M39012/01-0005
>>a few bucks each
>>2. consider adding a foam in place insulation, inside the plastic pipe
>>to support the coaxial cable.
>>drill a 1/8" hole every few feet and squirt in the aerosol foam till it
>>comes out of the hole.
>>Go for the minimally expanding insulating foam you will find in Home
>>Depot or Lowes.
>>Stan, W1LE    Fn41sr    Cape Cod
>>Hal Murray wrote:
>>>> Two or one tee connectors will allow the cable to exit and reenter. If
>>>> your side arm is using a elbow now replace it with a tee.
>>> Thanks, but I don't picture what you are trying to describe.
>>> Are you talking about tees and elbows in the pipe or cable?
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