[time-nuts] pi Day

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Mar 4 08:49:40 UTC 2009

> I'm in California and 1:59 AM might be pushing closing time, but 1:59
> UTC would be 18:59 PDT and 21:59 EDT is workable too. I suggest that
> since it is just playing with the numbers everyone might try local
> time,  UTC, and AM or PM to find a celebration point that works for
> you. If  necessary, even go with 15:9:26.5 and the other options. 

I'm picturing a gong going off at the magic time.

Of course, time nuts would have to correct for the delay between the gong and 
the listeners ear.  That probably depends on temperature and/or the 
barometric pressure.  Then there is the filter delay in the ear...

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