[time-nuts] About HP10544A

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Sun Mar 8 19:55:33 UTC 2009

Esa Heikkinen wrote:
>> White emitter follower circuit attached.
> Ok and thanks, Bruce!
> I'll test that later. Now it's family time.. :)
>> Distortion of this circuit is lower than that of the 10544A.
> Ok it would then give the actual output spectrum of HP10544. Would you 
> do the test with or without the 1000 ohm. termination before C1? The 
> datasheet recommends the 1k termination but how with this kind of amplifier?

The emitter follower output stage of the 10544A should be fine driving
the higher input impedance of this buffer without any external resistor
to bring the load down to 1k.
N.B., since the 10544A has an output coupling capacitor the input
coupling cap shown on the amplifier schematic isn't required.


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