[time-nuts] PCB connector for a 10811A

Chris Cheney chris.cheney at tesco.net
Thu Mar 12 13:59:34 UTC 2009


The HP 10811AB manual lists several manufacturers of suitable connectors:

CINCH 50-30S-30 (HP 1251-0160), 
Vishay/Dale (HP 1251-2035) EB81-BN15TGW,
EDAC 305-030-500-202 or 357-030-520-202 or equivalent

I bought from Mouser (http://www.mouser.com/) a year or so ago:

Mouser no. 587-305-50-030 Mfr. no. 305-030-500-202

(that was for double-row, solder eyelets, YMMV)

Delivery to UK was fast. The only painful part was the $25 shipping 
charge (I should have bought some other stuff at the same time). And they 
have since sent me 2 thick catalogues.


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