[time-nuts] GPS from a window seat

Pieter ten Pierick time-nuts-mail at tenpierick.com
Thu Oct 1 13:56:59 UTC 2009

Hello Bill,

> Group,
> I'll be flying around the world from Minnesota, USA, to Kuala Lumpur,
> Malaysia, to give a talk on industrial process control.
> Bought a Garmin 60CSx handheld GPS so I could tell precisely when I
> crossed the date line (a man's gotta have some goal in life).
> Is this feasible? Can you see enough satellites from an airliner window
> while crossing the Pacific from Los Angeles to Singapore? What side
> would work better, N or S?
I also have a Garmin 60CSx and it worked nicely flying from Amsterdam to
Rovaniemi, Finland (via Helsinki), most of the time about 15 meters
I was sitting at the window seat and just put it in the net from the seat
in front of me (I was sitting 3 times in seats 7A and once in 11A, all on
a Airbus 320) (Just in front and behind the wing).
Sometimes the GPS lost lock (e.g. during banking), I think it would have
performed better if it was in a middle seat, e.g. 7C, or a bit higher.
When I heard the 'lock lost' beep I just picked up the GPS, let it lock
again and put it back in the seat netting.
It worked perfectly in the seat table, but that was not very handy, e.g.
during dinner...

No idea if the GPS reception would behave differently over the Pacific...
I did this to get a complete GPS trace of my holiday to the North Cape, to
be able to geotag my photos (And because it was fun ;-) ).


> Regards,
> Bill Hawkins
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