[time-nuts] How do US TV stations disseminate time to DTV

Greg Burnett gbusg at comcast.net
Fri Oct 2 21:27:19 UTC 2009

Mark wrote:
Apparently many of the boxes use the same source code that has an uncanny 
knack for choosing the worst possible source for their time...

Dave wrote:
I think the likely explanation of the recent time problem with
converter boxes in the midwest is some common piece of software and/or
hardware used by a number of stations that has a plain old bug with its


Mark and Dave, thanks for the information. Those theories sound plausible to 

It might be interesting to know if the DTV boxes' clocks are set in 
real-time to each station's data when you're tuned to their channel. ...Or 
if the boxes' clocks "flywheel" between occasional updates according to some 
schedule, e.g., once per day or something like that?


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