[time-nuts] upgrading agilent 53132 counter

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Sat Oct 3 03:36:59 UTC 2009

On 1 October AL1 wrote:
> i would upgrade my 53132 with an OCXO 10811, i have the module, but i was told i 
> have to change the power supply too.
> It's yet the original HP 0950-2496 from Delta,  model :  DPS-43DL-2 (47 Watts).

That's the same supply in my 53132A  and at least one of my 53131A's

I don't think you need to change the supply to add the HS or US timebase.

My 53132A mentioned above  has a factory 10811A (HS).

I have also upgraded the 53113A mentioned above with a 10811A (HS).

While the supplies are the same in both, there is a difference between 
the two.

On the 53132A, the heater voltage comes through the ribbon cable.   
There's an extra set of conductors from the power supply to the main 
board as compared to the 53131A.   On the A6 (external oscillator 
board), there's a jumper on J2 that connects the 10811 heater supply to 
nodes from the ribbon cable.

On my 53131A, those extra conductors on the power supply are terminated 
in a 3-pin connector that was left loose inside the box.   When I 
upgraded it to a 10811 A6, I  removed the J2 jumper and plugged this 
power supply connector into J2.   This was according to the Agilent 
service notes.

Other than that, save firmware, I don't believe there are any other issues.

Re: firmware issues, see the Agilent site for details.  If you have 
early firmware, you may have problems.


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