[time-nuts] GPS antenna and lightning

kevin-usenet at horizon.com kevin-usenet at horizon.com
Mon Oct 5 02:13:32 UTC 2009

Brooke wrote:
> Note old fashioned "Lightening Rods" do not work as well as the brushes.

Sorry to say, but they're heavily marketed hokum.  Nobody who's not selling
something has *ever* been able to measure the slightest difference from
such "Early Streamer Emission" devices.

A variety of designs have been tested repeatedly, and they don't work
any better than any other chunk of wire.

They're the audiophool monster cable of the lightning protection world.
Absolute gales of handwaving and hot air, zero substance.

(Oh, look, I have to go and clean out a bunch of advertising crap from the
Wiikpedia article on the subject.  Whee.)

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