[time-nuts] Why would I want a rubidium

J. L. Trantham jltran at worldnet.att.net
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Rubidium is a 'Secondary' reference, meaning it must be calibrated against a
'Primary' reference such as a Cesium Beam or Hydrogen Maser or, perhaps,
your GPSDO.  Cesium Beam Standards some times appear on e..y in various
states of disrepair but are fun to play with.  There have been many
discussions about their merits, or lack there of, on this list and it might
make interesting reading.  I am amazed that, in my little shop, I can
generate something that seems 'locked' to the signal I get from my GPSDO and
requires no calibration.

Your GPSDO is 'linked' to the NIST Hydrogen Maser via the satellites.  The
only problem comes when and if the satellites are not usable.

I am a relative 'newbie' as well, so be careful.  This stuff is addicting.



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Sorry for the newbie question, but with two Z3801A's, what use would I find
for a rubidium unit? I see lots of them on ebay from the Chinese sellers.

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