[time-nuts] HP 5315A

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Tue Oct 6 14:52:02 UTC 2009

I've been very busy this past week and not really following this thread so  
might well have missed something but I understand the problem to  be a lack 
of schematics in the 5315A manual available from Agilent.
According to the original HP datasheet the 5315A and 5316A are  supposedly 
very similar and there's two manuals for the 5316A on the Agilent  site, the 
first one of which, dated August 86, looks to be complete with  all of 
section 8 including schematics.
I don't know if that would help but might be worth a look.

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