[time-nuts] Down under Time Nuts

Kit Scally kScally at BYTECAN.com.au
Wed Oct 7 21:46:48 UTC 2009

Hi Ray,

I'm one of the Sydney 'crowd' whilst Jim P is in Tassy.  Murray is
already identified himself from Auckland.

One disadvantage (?) of being down-under <and> a TimeNut is reading
about the great variety of toys available at mostly sensible prices to
CONUS users.  The packing and freight often turns such 'bargains' into
expensive & frequently non-working doorstops.

There seems to be very little pre-loved "TimeNut hardware" in the
Aust-NZ region - more's the pity.  Better in our workshops I say than
disposed of at the local tip!  




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There are several of us down here on the list. I can think of several in
AU and at least three or four in NZ. If they don't identify themselves
to you, let me know.

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