[time-nuts] Down under Time Nuts & Tsunami's

Nic McLean mcleann at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 8 04:10:46 UTC 2009

Yes Jim I am in Sydney Australia and we are UT+11. To me EDT and AEST mean
the same thing. AEST is most probably more correct to use in a forum such as
this. I work in Television and our media people use EDT.
Regards Nic,
PS the Tsunami warning has been withdrawn.

Hmmm. I'm in a pedantic mood today, but I think this is worth raising.

"09:44 EDT" - what is that?

I'm presuming Nic (emailing from bigpond and presumably in Australia)
means "Eastern Daylight Time" which I assume he means Eastern Standard
Time + 1 hour for daylight savings. I thought it was suppoed to be
AEST for Australian Eastern Summer Time, but I also recall (a long
time ago) it being said that there is no standard name for daylight
savings time zones in Australia. We have EST, CST and WST - but no
offical names for summer. Is this still correct?

I always use 09:44 (UT+11) to remove all ambiguity. I would encourage
all time-nuts to use the same system because it is completely
unambiguous and can be used wordwide.

Jim Palfreyman

PS the Tsunami warning has been withdrawn.

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