[time-nuts] Tbolt instability

Dott. Alfredo Rosati alfredorosati at alice.it
Fri Oct 9 01:50:17 UTC 2009

my Tbolts work same of your , you explain very well how your and mine 
work .
i have z3805 rock stable , lpro101 , and Tbolts . i track the signal 
with my tek 2467b , lpro for trigger , z3805 channel A , tbolts channel 
B , sweep 500 ps .
i read your description , i see on my scope the same . i have also SR620 
( i do not like this counter to much jitter for short time , for long 
time is good)
May be Tbolts OCXO is no good as HP OCXO , may be temperature change in 
the home , i do not know , but hp 3805 is 10 time better in short time , 
in long time tbolts is good.
But for my personal use i prefer to have short time reference , i no 
need long time for the moment.
Sorry for my bad english but i am italian.
regards Alfredo

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